Latest Hoyts Food Menu and Popcorn Prices Australia 2024

If you’re free and ready to see a movie with your partner, Hoyts, a well-known movie theater chain in Australia, is the best choice. Hoyts candy bar enhances your cinema experience with a diverse food menu.

Before starting any trip, it’s important to be well-informed. In this article, we provide comprehensive information about the Hoyts concession menu and prices, which will help you plan your next order and budget effectively.

Explore the latest Hoyts food menu along with prices:

Hoyts Overview

Explore the intriguing narrative of Hoyts, a major player in the Australian and New Zealand entertainment industry. In 2007, Pacific Equity Partners acquired Hoyts for a substantial A$440 million, and in 2015, ownership transitioned to China’s Wanda Group.

Hoyts became the number one movie exhibitor in Australia with its staggering 450 screens and 55,000 seats, offering a luxurious movie experience. The amenities include comfy reclining seats, Xtremescreen displays, and gourmet dining options under the brand Hoyts Lux. In some places, they use D-Box technology. This makes the movie experience even better by moving your seat along with what’s happening on screen.

Hoyts is not just a big cinema company than event cinema gold class and village cinema gold class. They offer food at cinema that’s why hoyts cinema menu are given below. They also do more through the Hoyts Cinema Technology Group. Started in 2008, CTG helps other cinemas with digital technology and organizes special movie showings for different events and festivals.

Hoyts Latest Food Menu & Prices

Explore the latest Hoyts popcorn cost menu and prices:

Hoyts Popcorn Prices

Food ItemSizePrice
PopcornExtra largeA$11.35
Gourmet PopcornSweet & SaltedA$9.90
Gourmet PopcornCaramel VarietiesA$10.90
Hoyts popcorn menu with prices

Hoyts Combos Menu

Popcorn & drink pricesSizePrice
Popcorn & DrinkJunior$11.20
Popcorn & DrinkSmall$15.25
Popcorn & DrinkRegular$17.25
Popcorn & DrinkLarge$19.25

hoyts drinks price

Hoyts drink pricesPrice
Soft Drink (Small)A$5.90
Soft Drink (Regular)A$6.90
Soft Drink (Medium)A$7.90
Soft Drink (Large)A$8.90
Soft Drink (Xtreme)A$10.90
Frozone (on top of soft drink)+A$1.00
Pump WaterA$6.80
Mt FranklinA$5.30
Keri JuiceA$5.40
Powerade & Barista BrosA$6.30
Keri Juice Pop TopA$4.80
Ginger BeerA$5.56

hoyts Sweets Menu

Menu ItemsSizePrice
Maltesers, M&Ms, PodsRegularA$7.60
Maltesers, M&Ms, PodsFamily PackA$10.60
Starburst Party MixRegularA$6.60
Starburst Party MixFamily PackA$9.10
Hoyts sweets menu price

hoyts Ice Cream Special

Menu ItemsPrice
Choc topA$6.50
Hoyts ice-cream menu with price

hoyts Chip’s Menu

Chips HoytsPrice
Smiths ChipsA$5.70
Burger RingsA$5.70
Red Rock DeliA$5.70
Grain WavesA$5.80
Hoyts Chip menu with price

What’s the Favorite Delight at Hoyts?

The all-time favorite delight at Hoyts is popcorn. The reason behind charging more is that movie theaters, like Hoyts, don’t make much profit from ticket sales, so they rely on selling popcorn and snacks to stay in business. Popcorn is the favorite at Hoyts, followed by the tasty Choc Top ice cream.

The delicious smell of popcorn in the air isn’t just a coincidence; it’s intentional. It brings back childhood memories and makes you more tempted to buy. Popcorn is a perfect movie snack because it’s quick to make, easy to eat quietly, not messy, and can be flavored in various ways, making it ideal for enjoying a movie.

popcorn is the most Favorite Delight at Hoyts

Are there any coupons offered at Hoyts?

Usually, Hoyts doesn’t offer direct discounts or promotions on their popcorn. However, you can still save money by exploring alternative options, like purchasing snacks while watching a movie. If you join the Hoyts Rewards loyalty program, you’ll have access to various deals and discounts, not only on snacks but also on ticket prices, and it’s free.

Another way is to check Groupon for occasional offers. They sometimes have a deal for Regular Popcorn, a Drink and a Choc Top for $16.50. Just be aware it’s not always available. While there aren’t many options for discounted snacks at the Hoyts Candy Bar, it’s still worth getting popcorn for the full movie experience.

The Groupon Deal Occasionally Available at Hoyts through E voucher

Are there any food options besides the candy bar?

You can also enjoy your movie night at Hoyts Lux, where luxury meets cinema. The extraordinary menu, crafted in collaboration with Masterchef judge Manu Fieldel, offers a gourmet selection of freshly prepared meals and delightful beverages.

This unique cinematic experience combines the magic of film with the artistry of fine dining. While the Lux Experience comes at a higher cost, the memories created during this indulgent night are undoubtedly priceless.

Reserve your seat for an extraordinary evening that goes beyond the ordinary movie night.

Whether you are organizing a team outing or a formal corporate affair Hoyts lux provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience. Hoyts lux cinemas are available for private screenings, corporate functions such as presentations, workshops and meetings, as well as team building activities, VIP events and more.

Hoyts lux is offered at select cinemas:

  • Ace hoyts midland gate
  • Broadway
  • Carousel
  • Chadstone
  • Chatswood westfield
  • Currambine
  • Eastland
  • Entertainment quarter
  • Green hills
  • Highpoint
  • Karrinyup
  • Melbourne central
  • Tea tree plaza
  • Victoria gardens
  • Warwick
  • Wetherill park

Do other cinemas offer lower prices?

Explore affordable movie magic with a comparison of popcorn prices between Village Cinemas and Hoyts. Village Cinemas stands out with slightly lower popcorn prices, offering a budget-friendly yet enjoyable movie experience. Enjoy a variety of popcorn flavors without breaking the bank, providing a perfect balance between quality and cost. Whether you choose for the luxury of Hoyts or the affordability of Village Cinemas, elevate your movie night with the perfect cinematic treat.

Free Popcorn Refills at Hoyts Cinemas

Steps to Get Free Popcorn Refills at Hoyts:

  1. Scan or present your membership card when buying popcorn, either by itself or as part of a combo.
  2. Hand over your empty popcorn container to a staff member at the candy bar.
  3. Request more popcorn from a Hoyts Crew member at the counter.
  4. A Hoyts staff member will exchange your empty container for a full one of the same size.
  5. Please note that promotional popcorn containers are not eligible for refills. Instead, you can keep them and receive a regular container of the same size or similar. Any extra refills on the same day must be made using the regular container.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Hoyts reserves the right to refuse popcorn refills if they believe the benefit is being misused, refills are not for personal use or if they are being shared unfairly.
  • Free popcorn refills are only available for 30 minutes after the final advertised session of the day in line with the Fair Go principle.

Frequently Asked questions: FAQ’s

HOYTS introduces the HOYTS Rewards program, a loyalty initiative that showers customers with daily rewards. The program includes two membership tiers: HOYTS Rewards Member and HOYTS Rewards VIP ($15 annual fee). Each tier brings a unique set of incredible savings and benefits, providing a tailored and enriched cinema experience for its members.

In a strategic collaboration, ACE Cinemas has joined forces with HOYTS at their Midland Gate cinema, effective from October 5, 2023. The cinema is set to undergo a rebranding, now known as ACE HOYTS Midland Gate. As part of this joint venture, an improved cinematic experience is on the horizon, accompanied by planned refurbishments for the site in the upcoming months.

ndeed, the cinemas are open for private bookings, events, and birthday parties. Explore further details on our Corporate Solutions website or reach out to our welcoming team by submitting an enquiry form for additional information.

Yes, you can redeem a Hoyts Gift Card or Voucher at any Hoyts cinema including ACE Hoyts Midland Gate.

The reissued HOYTS Vouchers will only be redeemable at Midland Gate. They cannot be redeemed at ACE Rockingham, or another HOYTS cinema

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