Latest Waffle House Menu Prices & Outlets 2024

Waffle House is an American diner that has been around for more than 60 years. People love it due to its affordable and delicious offerings available 24/7. This detailed exploration of the Waffle House menu unveils a diverse selection for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night cravings.

From signature hashbrown bowls and breakfast sandwiches to tempting waffles, the menu caters to all day dining preferences. Transitioning to lunch and dinner options, patrons can indulge in sandwiches, Texas melts, Angus beef burgers and a variety of sides. The beverage menu is equally extensive, offering the perfect complement to every meal.

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This helpful guide is here to help everyone who loves Waffle House and those who are visiting for the first time. It gives you all the information you need to make good choices about what to eat and how to enjoy your time there. When you explore Waffle House, you’ll find lots of tasty food options in a friendly setting.

Waffle House History

The story of Waffle House began in 1955 when two visionary neighbors, Joe Rogers Sr. and Tom Forkner opened the first restaurant in Avondale Estates, GA. This 24 hour establishment aimed to foster a sense of community on both sides of the counter. Over the years, Waffle House has expanded its footprint, with “Yellow Signs” becoming landmarks along city streets and highways in 25 states. Beyond its physical presence, Waffle House is driven by its commitment to people both associates and customers. With over 40,000 associates contributing to the brand’s essence, Waffle House continues to offer a unique and welcoming experience that keeps patrons coming back.

For those exploring the Waffle House family for the first time or returning as regulars, this article welcomes them to a journey of warm hospitality, delectable meals, and a genuine sense of belonging. The Waffle House experience promises to be an enjoyable and memorable culinary adventure.

Menu Price

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Check out the latest Waffle House menu updated prices from all over the country


US$10.20/1070 Calories

Two Scrambled Eggs with Toast & Jelly choice of Grits, Hashbrown or Sliced Tomatoes a Waffle and your choice of Bacon Sausage or City Ham

Two Egg Breakfast menu Waffle House


US$5.15/670 Calories

‘Two Scrambled Eggs with Toast & Jelly; choice of Grits, Hashbrown or Sliced Tomatoes’

Cheese N’ Eggs With Raisin Toast Price


US$6.10/670 Calories

Waffle House’s Signature Cheese N’ Eggs has cheese melted throughout 2 scrambled eggs served with Raisin Toast and your choice of grits or hashbrown

Waffle House Texas Breakfast Melt


US$9.85 /920 Calories

Meat of your Choice, 3 Slices of Smithfield Bacon, 2 Patties of Jimmy Dean Sausage or Hickory Smoked Ham, on Grilled Texas Toast with single Egg and 2 Slices of American Cheese with Hashbrowns

Waffle House Steak & eggs Breakfast


US$11.85/690 Calories

USDA Choice Sirloin Steak (5-oz) Eggs with Toast & Jelly choice of Grits, Hashbrowns or Sliced Tomatoes

Waffle House Breakfast Grits Bowl Price

Grits Bowl Breakfast

US$10.30/730 Calories

Large Grits, Two Slices of Melted American Cheese Two Scrambled Eggs and Your Choice of 3 Slices of Crumbled Smithfield Bacon, 2 Patties of Crumbled Jimmy Dean Sausage or Hickory Smoked Ham Chunks