Latest Thai Pothong Newtown Menu, Prices & Outlets Australia 2024

Thai Pothong Newton is famous to offer Thai foods in Australia. Thai Pothong has recently expanded its seating capacity to accommodate over 500 patrons. This enhancement includes the incorporation of six additional event spaces, each capable of hosting up to 180 people. To explore the offerings on the Thai Pothong menu, continue reading!

Thai Pothong Newtown Menu and Prices

The menu has something for everyone who likes Thai food. You can pick according to your taste and preference. You can choose from starter to dinner and everything in between. To find out what choices you have, let’s explore.

Thai Pothong Starter Menu

Thai Pothong Starter MenuPrice
Thai Fish Cake (4 pcs)A$19
Betel Leaf Prawn (4 pcs)A$19
Papaya Soft Shell Crab SaladA$18
Golden Egg Pastry Tartlet (4 pcs)A$18
Deep Fry CalamariA$18
Salt & Pepper CalamariA$18
Money BagA$18
Thai Chicken Spring Roll (4 pcs)A$17
Steamed Chilli Scallops (4 pcs)A$18
Steamed Ginger Scallop (4 pcs)A$18
BBQ Baby OctopusA$17
Chicken Satay (4 pcs)A$18
Rice Noodle Parcel (4 pcs)A$18
Stuffed Chicken Wing (2 pcs)A$11
Tom Yum Prawn SoupA$18.9
Chicken Coconut SoupA$17
Chicken Flavored Satay (4 pcs)A$17.9
Betel Leaf Tofu (4 pcs)A$17
Vegetarian Spring Roll (4 pcs)A$16
Fresh Spring Rolls (2 pcs)A$11
Vegetarian Papaya SaladA$16
Curry Puffs (4 pcs)A$16.9
Vegetable Coconut SoupA$16
Three Flavoured TofuA$16
Golden Tamarind TofuA$16
Tom Yum Mushroom SoupA$16
Crispy Salt & Pepper TofuA$16

Thai Pothong Newtown Dinner Menu

Thai Pothong Dinner MenuPrice
Fried Rice with Crab MeatA$31
Barramundi CurryA$30
Chinese Broccoli Crispy PorkA$28
Banana Blossom SaladA$28
Soft Shell Crab SaladA$28
Steamed Chilli SnapperA$46
Steamed Ginger SnapperA$46
Coconut SeafoodA$37
Stir Fry SeafoodA$29
Chilli Hot Basil BarramundiA$28
Chilli Hot Basil Crispy PorkA$28
Soft Shell Crab Black PepperA$28
Flambe Steamed SeafoodA$36
Prawn Choo CheeA$28
Broccoli Chilli Prawn A$28
Snow Pea Prawn A$28
Chilli PrawnsA$28
Chilli SnapperA$46
Three Flavored SnapperA$46
Garlic Pepper SnapperA$46
Tom Yum Prawn SoupA$28
Chilli Hot Basil ChickenA$25
Yellow Chilli ChickenA$25
Ginger with Chicken or PorkA$24
Stir Fry Seasonal Fresh Vegetable A$22
Chicken Cashew NutsA$25
Beef with Black Pepper SauceA$25
Thai Fried RiceA$24
Pineapple Fried RiceA$34
Pad ThaiA$24
Pad Thai PrawnA$29
Pad Ke Mao A$24
Pad Se Ew A$24
Red Duck CurryA$29
Panang Duck CurryA$29
Jungle CurryA$24
Green CurryA$26
Yellow CurryA$26
Massaman LambA$26
Red CurryA$26
Red Pumpkin CurryA$26
Panang CurryA$26
Thai Pothong Lunch Salad Manu
Barramundi SaladA$34
Roast Duck SaladA$29
BBQ Beef SaladA$28
Thai Chicken SaladA$24
Thai Duck SaladA$25
Thai Pothong Dinner BBQ Menu
BBQ Lamb Cutlet A$34
BBQ PorkA$29
BBQ BeefA$29
BBQ ChickenA$28
Thai Pothong Vegetarian Menu
Vegetarian Codfish SaladA$23
Roast Vegetarian Duck SaladA$24
Chilli Basil Vegetarian DuckA$24
Vegetable Green CurryA$22
Vegetable Red CurryA$22
Vegetable Yellow Curry A$22
Vegetable Panang Curry A$22
Vegetarian Duck Red CurryA$24
Thai Pothong Lunch Side Dishes Menu
Steamed Jasmine Rice4 pp
Steamed flat or thin rice noodle with garlicA$10
Steamed mixed green vegetablesA$10
Peanut sauceA$5
Coconut  rice A$7

Thai Pothong Newtown Gluten Free Menu

Gluten-Free Starter MenuPrice
Steamed Chili Scallops (4 pcs)A$19
Papaya Prawn SaladA$18
Betel Leaf Prawns (4 pcs)A$19
Three Flavored TofuA$16
Golden Tamarind Tofu  A$16
Betel Leaf Tofu (4 pcs)  A$17
Chicken Coconut SoupA$17
Vegetable Coconut SoupA$16
Crispy Salt & Pepper Tofu A$16
Gluten-Free Stir Fry Menu
Fried Rice with Crab Meat  A$31
Yellow Chilli ChickenA$25
Chicken Cashew NutsA$25
Ginger with Chicken or PorkA$24
Pad ThaiA$24
Pad Thai PrawnA$29
Thai Fried RiceA$24
Chilli Hot Basil ChickenA$25
Chilli Hot Basil Crispy PorkA$28
Gluten-Free Curry Menu
Red Duck Curry A$29
Panang Duck Curry A$29
Green Curry A$26
Yellow Curry A$26
Red Curry A$26
Panang Curry A$26
Gluten Free Thai Salad Menu
Apple Barramundi SaladA$34
Banana Blossom SaladA$28
Roast Duck SaladA$29
Thai Chicken SaladA$24
Gluten Free Seafood Menu
Steamed Chilli SnapperA$46
Garlic Pepper SnapperA$46
Three Flavored SnapperA$46
Chilli Hot Basil BarramundiA$28
Garlic PrawnsA$29
Broccoli Chilli PrawnsA$28
Snow Pea PrawnsA$28
Gluten Free Vegetarian Menu
Stir Fry Seaonal Fresh VegetableA$22
Pad Thai VegetableA$22
Chilli TofuA$22
Vegetable Green Curry A$22
Vegetable Red Curry A$22
Vegetable Yellow Curry A$22
Vegetable Panang Curry A$22
Stir Fry PumpkinA$21
Gluten Free Side Dishes Menu
Steamed Jasmine Rice4pp
Coconut RiceA$7

Thai Pothong Newtown Vegan Menu

Thai Pothong Vegan Starter MenuPrice
Golden Fried Spring RollsA$16
Curry Puff A$17
Vegetarian Papaya SaladA$16
Golden Tamarind Tofu   A$16
Three Flavoured TofuA$16 
Crispy Salt & Pepper Tofu  A$16
Chicken Flavored Satay (4 pcs)A$18
Thai Pothong Vegan Mains Menu
Tofu Choo CheeA$22
Chilli Vegetarian ChickenA$23
Vegetarian Chicken Cashew NutA$24
Chilli TofuA$22
Chilli Basil Vegetarian DuckA$24
Stir Fry PumpkinA$21
Stir Fry Seasonal Fresh Vegetable A$22
Vegetarian Roast DuckA$24
Vegetable Fried RiceA$21
Pad Thai VegetableA$22
Pad Ke Mao Vegetables A$22
Vegetarian Codfish SaladA$23
Vegetable Green Curry A$22
Vegetable Red Curry A$22
Vegetable Yellow Curry A$22
Vegetable Panang Curry A$22
Roast Vegetarian Duck SaladA$24
Pothong Vegan Side Dishes Menu
Steamed Jasmine Rice4pp
Coconut RicA$7

Thai Pothong Kids Menu

Thai Pothong Kids MenuJuiceAppetizerMain DishSide Dishprice
Dora the Explorer’s MenuApple or orangeDeep fried calamariBBQ ChickenYummy Steamed RiceA$14
Peppa Pig MenuApple or orangeSatay chicken2 sticks
Pad Se Ew with chicken
Flat rice noodle, eggs, VegetableA$14
Thomas & Friends MenuApple or orange2 Golden fried chicken spring rollsStir fried mixed veg with chickenFried rice with eggA$14


Kid who finish their meal, get a free ice cream.

Thai Pothong Newtown Desserts Menu

Thai Pothong Desserts MenuPrice
Sticky Rice with MangoA$21
Fried Ice Cream,Filo pastryA$21
Chocolate brownieA$19
Thai RotiA$19
Thai Pothong Birthday Ice Cream (2 person)A$22
Thai Style Ice CreamA$18
Gloden Fried BananasA$19
Black Sticky Rice with CustardA$19
Coconut CakeA$19
Baked Egg Custard Taro (Gluten Free)A$19
Tapioca Coconut PuddingA$16
Ice Cream of your choice with fresh seasonal fruitsA$16
Ice cream of your choice
Coconut with Jackfruit Ice CreamA$16
Lychee SorbetA$16
Mango ice creamA$16
Black Sesame ice creamA$16
Vanila Gluten Free ice creamA$16
Banana Gluten Free ice creamA$16
Thai Pothong Coffee & Tea
Cappuccino | Flat White | Cafe Latte
Macchiato | Mocha
Short Black | Long Black | Piccolo LatteA$4.5
Hot Chocolate coffeeA$8
English Breakfast | Japanese Green TeaA$4
Thai Iced TeaA$8
Thai Iced CoffeeA$8
After Dinner Drinks
Riverby Estate ( Dessert Wine )Glass 11
Noble Sauvignon Blanc – Semillon 375mlBottle 24
Irish CoffeeA$16
Maxican Kahlua CoffeeA$17
Italian Disaronno CoffeeA$17
Espresso MartiniA$19
Dirty MonkeyA$19
Espresso shot with scoop of vanila ice creamA$12
Bailey , Kahlua , Tia Maria , FrangelicoA$16
Thai Pothong Desserts Shots
Slippery NippleA$14
Quickie | Kahlua | Midori | Baileys Irish CreamA$14
BJ Whipping CreamA$14
Wet DreamA$14
Be with meA$14
T294 Baileys Irish CreamA$14

All About Thai Pothong Newtown

For over twenty years, Thai Pothong has captivated patrons, situated in the lively Newtown district of Sydney. The restaurant beckons visitors with its enduring charm, featuring remarkable Thai hospitality, genuine decor that reflects the heart of Thailand, and a menu boasting exquisite Thai cuisine.

Thai Foods menu

An evening at Thai Pothong assures an unforgettable experience, where the fusion of impeccable service, authentic ambiance, and delightful Thai flavors creates memories that linger long after the meal has ended.

Thai Pothong Newtown Opening Hours

Thai Pothong Lunch Timings

Monday – Sunday 12.00am to 3.30pm

Thai Pothong Dinner Timings

  • Monday–Thursday: 5.30 pm-10.00 pm
  • Friday–Saturday: 5.30 pm–11.00 pm
  • Sunday: 5.30 pm-10.00 pm


A 10% surcharge will be added on public holidays.

Thai Pothong Newtown Customer Reviews

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Thai Pothong Newtown Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ’s

No, they allow it Fridays and Saturdays.

Yes, Thai Pothong online booking is available.

Yes, to enjoy delivery service, order Thai Pothong Newtown online.

Thai Pothong is the best Thai food restaurant in Sydney.

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