Latest Maccas Loose Change Menu, Prices Australia 2024

In the world of fast food, McDonald’s, known as “Maccas” in Australia, has been a global leader for decades. In this article, we shall explain the popular “Maccas Loose Change Menu” in Australia, highlighting its history, offerings, pricing and enduring appeal among Australians.

Exclusive to participating franchises, the menu excludes meal bundles and limited time offers. McDonald’s has announced not to raise their Loose Change Menu price until June 30, 2024, making it a consistent and engaging option for customers.

Maccas loose Change Menu

Loose Change Menu MaccasA$Price
Frozen CokeFrom A$1
Frozen Fanta From A$1
Cone with FlakeA$1.50
Chicken Snack WrapA$3.50
2Pc Hash BrownsA$3.50
Small SundaeA$3.50
Small Thick ShakeA$3
24Pc Chicken McNuggetsA$11.95
Happy MealA$5.75

Loose Change Menu Maccas

maccas loose change menu

History of Maccas Loose Change Australia

In 2012, McDonald’s Australia introduced the “Loose Change Menu” to make their food more affordable. This menu included items like cheeseburgers and small fries for under $2. People loved it and it helped McDonald’s sell more food. The menu is still available at some McDonald’s restaurants, giving people a cheap and quick meal option.

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Macca Bonus Points

Bonus Points of Maccas means extra points you can get when you order food through MyMacca’s Rewards. These points add up on the ones you already earn, helping you reach rewards faster. It’s like a little bonus to encourage you to keep ordering and enjoying your meals at McDonald’s.

How to Access Bonus Points?

You can Unlocking & use bonus points by following this guide that are given in Picture below:

Macca Bonus Points

Mcdonald’s loose change menu Food Review

Here are some customer reviews about loose change menu offered by Mcdonald’s Australia.

Mcdonalds Loose Change Menu: FAQs

The Loose Change Menu at McDonald’s Australia is a special menu that promotes a range of popular items, all priced at under A$3.

The Maccas Loose Change Menu is offered at Australian restaurants daily, starting from 10:30 am and available until midnight.

The Maccas Loose Change Menu is liked by many because it gives you tasty McDonald’s food at a low cost. It’s perfect for people who want a quick and inexpensive meal.

The most expensive item on the loose change is of $2.

Final Thought

The Maccas Loose Change Menu is a budget friendly option at McDonald’s, offering a variety of popular items at affordable prices. It allows customers to enjoy their favorite Maccas classics without overspending, making it a convenient and economical choice for a delicious meal or snack.

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