Latest Yakimono Menu, Prices & Outlets Australia 2024

If you are discovering Japanese food in Australia then the culinary delights of the Yakimono Menu are the best choice for you. We shall tell you about the yummy Japanese food and how much it costs. The chefs at Yakimono make special dishes with care. Whether you like the set menu or want to know what’s on the Yakimono Melbourne menu, we’ve got all the info. We got it from the official Yakimono Menu, so it’s trustworthy.

Yakimono is in Melbourne, and it’s a cool place with bright lights. The chefs cook the food over fire, making it special. Our blog post will guide you through the prices and show you what’s so great about Yakimono. Come along on this food adventure with us.

Yakimono Menu Australia

We categories Yakimono Australia Menu as:

  • Bites
  • Raw Food
  • Sushi Food
  • Set Menu #1
  • Set Menu #2
  • Food Sticks
  • Seafood
  • Meat
  • Rice & Noodles
  • Salad & Vegetables
  • Melbourne
  • Vegan
  • Food Bento
  • Dessert
  • Gluten-Free

Yakimono Australia Bites Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Charcoal Roasted EdamameA$14.5
Karaage ChickenA$17.5
Crispy EggplantA$16.5
Mushroom CroquettesA$19.5
Pork & Ginger GyozaA$19.5
Curried Sweet Potato GyozaA$19.5
Black Sesame ChickenA$21.5
Karubi DogA$17.5
Kingfish SandoA$19.5
Edamame & Wasabi DipA$17.5

Yakimono Raw Food Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Tuna TartareA$22.5
Spiced Beef TartareA$32.5
Torched ScallopsA$29.5
Cured SalmonA$28.5
Yaki SashimiA$34.5
Kingfish SashimiA$31.5

Yakimono Sushi Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Dynamite Tuna HakoA$27.5
Panko PrawnA$32.5
Miso Scallop HakoA$32.5
Salmon HakoA$27.5
Grilled King Oyster MushroomA$21.5

Yakimono SETTO Menu #1

Menu ItemsPrice
An Introduction To Yakimon, and FireA$88

Yakimono SETTO #2

Menu ItemsPrice
Chef’s Premium Selection, to Riotously EnjoyA$120
Yakimono Australia Menu with price

Yakimono STICKS (2 pieces) Menu Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Chopstick CornA$18.5
Chicken TsukuneA$19.5
Soy Sesame PorkA$18.5
Negi ChickenA$19.5
King Brown MushroomA$16.5
Charred SquidA$17.5
Wagyu Beef IntercostalA$26.5
King PrawnA$36.5

Yakimono SEAFOOD Menu Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Miso SalmonA$32.5
BBQ OctopusA$39.5
Tuna TatakiA$34.5

Yakimono Australia Meat Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Tokyo Grilled ChickenA$25.5
Pork Belly ChashuA$28.5
BBQ SteakA$36.5
Grilled Pork CutletA$33.5
Wagyu Rump CutA$42.5
Pork TonkatsuA$31.5
Chicken KatsuA$28.5

Yaki Lunches

Yakimono serves Ramen and Bento for lunch every Monday to Friday from 12 pm until they run out.

Yakimono Menu-Rice & Noodles

Menu ItemsPrice
Togarashi Duce RiceA$28.5
Prawn & Egg RiceA$33.5
Pork Tan Tan NoodlesA$23.5
Squid Carbonara UdonA$29.5
Nori Sesame SobaA$23.5
Steamed Jasmine RiceA$7.5
BBQ Sansho ChickenA$24.5

Salad & Vegetables Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Baby CarrotsA$17.5
Cabbage SlawA$14.5
Black Sesame Green BeansA$18.5
Charred BroccoliniA$18.5
Miso PumpkinA$17.5
Baby CarrotsA$16.5

Yakimono Melbourne Menu Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Kingfish SashimiA$29.50
Black Sesame Green BeansA$29.50
Edamame and Wasabi DipA$29.50
Steamed Japanese RiceA$29.50
Tokyo Grilled ChickenA$29.50

Yakimono Vegan Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Edamame and Wasabi DipA$29.50
Kingfish SashimiA$29.50
Steamed Japanese RiceA$29.50
Tokyo Grilled ChickenA$29.50
Black Sesame Green BeansA$29.50
Yakimono Tokyo Grilled Chicken

Yakimono Bento Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Yuzu Prawn GyozaA$29.50
BBQ Sake King SalmonA$29.50
Black Sesame Green BeansA$29.50
Kingfish SashimiA$29.50
Edamame and Wasabi DipA$29.50

Yakimono Dessert Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Tokyo BananaA$17.05
Yuzu Marble CakeA$18.05
Saki Fruit SundaeA$18.05
Yaki Wagon WheelA$16.05
Choco Soba Cha MousseA$19.05

Yakimono Gluten-Free Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Crispy EggplantA$29.50
Tokyo Grilled ChickenA$29.50
Kingfish SashimiA$29.50
Black Sesame Green BeansA$29.50
Edamame And Wasabi Dip A$29.50

Cray Cray Returns Presented by Yakimono

Get ready at MFWF for an amazing crayfish celebration as Cray Cray makes its big comeback in 2024. Treat yourself to a fantastic five-course meal all about the delicious flavors of crayfish at Yakimono, right in the heart of Melbourne at 80 Collins Street.

Tickets for melbourne food and wine:

Grab your seat for this extraordinary culinary event at just $148. This price includes GST, and additional fees may apply.

Menu Highlights: Get ready to satisfy your crustacean cravings with executive chef Daniel Wilson’s flame-kissed creations:

  • Charcoal-Roasted Edamame, Nori Salt
  • Crayfish Delight: Sumiso, Avocado, Ikura, Nori Cracker
  • Spicy Peach-infused Crayfish Sushi with Crisp Potato
  • Barbecued Crayfish Skewer, Yuzu Togarashi Butter, Pickles
  • Josper-Roasted Crayfish and Squid-Ink Rice, Black Garlic Aïoli, Tobiko
  • Spicy Cabbage Slaw with Lime Mayo and Sesame Praline
  • Irresistible Caramel Mochi Cake, Salted Praline, Popcorn Ice-Cream

MFWF Details 2024:

Australia’s biggest and best festival of food and drink is set to be held from March 15, 2024, to March 24, 2024, and you’re invited. It’s one of the most renowned food and wine festivals worldwide, featuring many well-known restaurants and top chefs. If you are a food lover and want to fulfill your cravings, you must participate. Ticket prices for foods are affordable.

Last year, Yakimono participated for the first time. After the successful tasting and the overwhelming love from people for the food offered by Yakimono, they are participating for the second time in history. After a sold-out season in 2023, Yakimono is once again going cray for the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. You can join at 80 Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000, and immerse yourself in the cray-ziness of this crowd-favorite dining extravaganza.

Don’t miss out on this culinary adventure. Secure your spot and let the crayfish festivities begin. See you at Cray Cray 2024.

MFWF 2024 was produced in partnership with our primary partner and our destination partner, Yakimono in association with Visit Victoria.

World longest lunch offered by Yakimono at MFWF

Yakimono Australia Contact Details

Yakimono has a sole location in Australia. Here’s more information about the Yakimono menu.

For General Enquiries

+61 03 8616 7900

Booking Enquiries

[email protected]

Private Events

[email protected]

Yakimono Booking

At Yakimono, diners are offered the convenience of advance booking, catering to those who wish to plan ahead for a special occasion or secure a table during busy hours. The restaurant’s online booking system simplifies the process, allowing patrons to effortlessly reserve their preferred date and time.

With this option, Yakimono ensures that guests can enjoy a delicious meal on their own schedule. The establishment aims to enhance the overall dining experience by providing a seamless and convenient way for patrons to plan their visit.

By choosing to book in advance, diners at Yakimono can look forward to a well-organized and memorable culinary experience.

Japanizes Food Serving Choice

  • Lunch
  • Dessert
  • Dinner
  • Seating

Yakimono Offerings

  • Alcohol
  • Cocktails
  • Late-night food
  • Spirits
  • Beer
  • Healthy options
  • Small plates
  • Wine

Yakimono Australia: Sip & Setto Experience

Treat yourself to a delicious feast of flavors with Yakimono Australia’s amazing Yaki lunch deal. For just $66 per person, you can enjoy a spread of tasty dishes along with unlimited drinks. Available every Friday to Sunday starting from 12:30pm, it’s a culinary experience that’s sure to make you happy and satisfied.

What to Expect:

  • A delectable Yaki lunch spread that will tantalize your taste buds.
  • Bottomless beverages to complement and enhance your dining experience.
  • Unwind and savor the flavors in a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.
  • Available Days: Every Friday to Sunday
  • Timing: Starting from 12 PM
  • Location: Yakimono Australia

Don’t let the opportunity for this delectable adventure pass by. Join in the Sip & Setto experience at Yakimono and make weekends memorable. Reserve a spot now and indulge in satisfying lunchtime cravings.

Yakimono Outlets, Location & Opening Hours

Address: 80 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Opening Hours:

  • Monday: 12pm–10 pm
  • Tuesday: 12pm–10 pm
  • Wednesday: 12pm–11 pm
  • Thursday: 12pm–11 pm
  • Friday: 12pm–11:30 pm
  • Saturday: 12pm–11:30 pm
  • Sunday: 12pm–10 pm

Phone: +61 3 8616 7900

Yakimono View

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ’s

No, Yakimono restaurants in Australia do not offer Halal food.

Yakimono has only one restaurant in Australia which is at 80 Collins Street in Melbourne, Victoria 3000.

Yes, Yakimono Australia offers a kid’s menu. The menu features a range of dishes, including chicken karaage, tempura udon, and teriyaki chicken. The restaurant also offers a drinks menu for children like kids drinks orange and apple juice.

Yes, Yakimono provides catering services for events including corporate events and weddings. For more details, contact the restaurant directly.

Yakimono is a venture led by Chris Lucas, Martin Benn, and Daniel Wilson, bringing a Japanese style grill to Melbourne CBD.

Final Words

Yakimono is the perfect place for tasty Japanese food. They have a menu with low prices, making it a fantastic choice for everyone. The experience at Yakimono is not just about delicious flavors; it’s also about making sure everyone can enjoy the journey. So, whether you’re a food lover or trying it for the first time, Yakimono menu prices make it a fantastic choice.

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