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If you are hungry and looking for Japanese food in Australia, then the LiHO Shokudo menu is the right choice to satisfy your craving. They offer a variety of Japanese dishes, from appetizers to main dishes, that come with a side of miso soup, salad and their homemade pickles. With over 20 years of experience, they serve the best food and provide a delightful experience, whether you are coming with your family, alone or with friends.

LiHO Shokudo offers a wide range of menus like :

  • Popular Items
  • Donburi Menu
  • Small / Add On
  • Large / Sharing
  • Extra
  • Dessert Menu
  • Hot Drinks
  • Iced Drinks
  • Beer & Cider
  • Wine List

LiHo Shokudo offers a variety of Japanese dishes focused on providing a delightful dining experience. Liho also operates in Singapore, but LiHo Shokudo is a distinct brand. Liho Singapore is a separate entity known for its popular bubble tea offerings across multiple countries.

LiHO Shokudo Menu Prices

Here is the complete menu of LiHO Shokudo Australia. Follow our guide to learn about their menu items, prices, opening hours, contact information and more.

Most Liked Items From The Menu

Omu Katsu Curry

Omu Katsu Curry

Kakuni Udon

Kakuni Udon

Wagyu Yakiniku

Wagyu Yakiniku

Popular Items

KaraageChicken thigh, spicy mayoA$9.00
Salmon AburiSeared salmon, Karasumi, rice, tosa joyuA$24.50
Ebi no Nasumiso ItamePrawn, eggplant, miso glazeA$11.50
Homemade Gyoza (6 Pcs)Wagyu beef, carrot, leek, onionA$12.50
Kakuni UdonBraised pork belly and soft bone, onsen eggA$22.50
Unatama DonGrilled eel, sansho pepper, omuriceA$28.50
Hiramasa King FishKing Fish Sashimi, Spicy Yuzu Onion DressingA$13.50
Chiffon Cake Of The DayMatcha / Black sesame / Yuzu flavors availableA$5.00

Donburi Menu

Wagyu YakinikuPan seared wagyu rump, rice, onsen eggA$26.50
Chicken TeriyakiPan fried chicken thigh, rice, onsen eggA$22.50
Omu Katsu CurryChicken Katsu, Japanese curry, omuriceA$23.50
Unatama DonGrilled eel, sansho pepper, omuriceA$28.50
Kakuni UdonBraised pork belly and soft bone, onsen eggA$22.50
Agedashi TofuVegetarian. Fried tofu, shimeji, shiitake, tsuyu sauce, riceA$17.50

Small / Add On Menu

Hiramasa King FishKing Fish Sashimi, Spicy Yuzu Onion DressingA$13.50
Salmon SashimiWasabi, tosa joyuA$11.50
Nama HotateSliced raw scallop, tobiko, daikon oroshi, wasabi ginger dressingA$11.50
Spicy Tuna Seaweed SaladCooked tuna, avocado, spicy mayoA$7.50
Wagyu TatakiWagyu beef, ponzu, onion, spicy daikon oroshiA$13.50
Homemade Gyoza (6 Pcs)Wagyu beef, carrot, leek, onionA$12.50
Renkon ChipsLotus root, truffle saltA$7.50
KaraageChicken thigh, spicy mayoA$9.00
Tempura Soft Shell CrabPickled tomato, Karasumi, wasabi mayoA$11.50
Ebi no Nasumiso ItamePrawn, eggplant, miso glazeA$11.50

Large / Sharing Menu Items

KarubiBraised Beef Short Ribs, Wasabi SalsaA$30.50
Buta no ShogayakiShio koji pork neck, cabbage salad, spicy daikon oroshi, ponzuA$27.50
Black Cod Saikyo YakiMiso Grilled Black Cod, Pickled Ginger SproutA$36.50
LiHO Shokudo menu Sharing items

LiHO Shokudo Menu Extra Items

Extra MenuPrice
Daily Salad$3.00
Miso Soup$3.50
Onsen Egg$3.00
Steamed Rice$2.50

LiHO Shokudo Menu Dessert

Desserts MenuPrice
Chiffon Cake Of The DayA$5.00
Honeydew Melon Ice CreamA$3.50
Matcha TiramisuA$10.50
Tofu Ice CreamA$3.50
Vanilla Ice CreamA$3.50
White Peach SorbetA$3.50

Drinks Menu

Here are LiHO Shokudo Australia drinks items that includes hot drinks, Japanese tea, Chamellia Tea, Iced drinks and many more.

Hot Drinks Menu

Hot DrinksPrice
Duke Market EspressoA$4.50
Matcha LatteA$4.50
Black Sesame LatteA$4.50
Chai LatteA$4.50
Prana Chai Vegan BlendA$6.00
Hot ChocolateA$4.50

Japanese Tea

Tea MenuPrice

These Japanese teas are available for A$4.50 each.

LiHO Shokudo Tea by Chamellia

Chamellia TeaPrice
English Breakfast$4.50
Earl Grey$4.50

LiHO Shokudo Iced Drinks Menu

Iced DrinksPrice
Iced Latte$6.00
Iced Black$5.50
Iced Chocolate$6.00
Iced Mocha$6.00
Iced Matcha Latte$6.50
Iced Black Sesame Latte$6.50
Espresso Tonic$6.50

These iced drinks offer a range of flavors and are perfect for staying refreshed.

Soda & Water Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Aromatic Tonic$4.50
Lime & Yuzu Soda$4.50
Hepburn Sparkling$5.00
Hepburn Still$5.00

These options include various sodas, sparkling and still water and a refreshing avocado and cucumber smoothie.

Mocktails Menu

Lychee MuleLychee foam, fresh lime, organic ginger beerA$9.50
Iced Matcha Yuzu FizzMatcha, yuzu jelly, lime & yuzu sodaA$9.50
Honey Mango MojitoMango purée, fresh lime, fresh mint, honeyA$9.50
Orange Lemon BitterOrganic lemonade, burned orange syrup, orange bitter, orange sliceA$6.50

These mocktails offer a variety of refreshing flavors, perfect for non-alcoholic beverages.

Beer & Cider Menu

Edge Yuzu (4.9% abv)Koji Rice Lager, West Melbourne, Vic$10.50
Far Yeast Nightcrawler (6.5% abv)Hazy IPA, Yamanashi, Japan$13.50
Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde (5.0% abv)Golden Ale, Yamanashi, Japan$12.50
Far Yeast Tokyo White (5.0% abv)Wheat Saison, Yamanashi, Japan$12.50
Hawkers Pale Ale (4.8% abv)Australian Pale Ale, Reservoir, Vic$10.50
Hawkers Stout (5.4% abv)Australian Stout, Reservoir, Vic$11.00
Hawkers Yuzu & Plum (7.0% abv)Kettle Sour, Reservoir, Vic$11.50
Lychee Gold Low Alc (1.15% abv)Lychee Cider, Murrumbateman, NSW$8.50

These options include a variety of beers and a low-alcohol lychee cider, each offering unique flavors and brewing styles.

Wine Options

2020 Bindi ‘Pyrette’ ShirazHeathcote, VICA$80.00
2020 Bottega ProseccoVeneto, ItalyA$42.00
2020 Pierre Luneau-Papin Muscadet Sevre et MaineLoire Valley, FranceA$55.00
2021 Blind Corner Orange in ColourMargaret River, WAA$42.00
2021 Paracombe Pinot BlancAdelaide Hills, SAA$52.00
2021 Pooley Pinot NoirCoal River Valley, TasA$110.00
2021 Rockford White FrontignacBarossa Valley, SAA$56.00
2021 William Downie ‘Cathedral’ Pinot NoirMornington Peninsula & King Valley, VICA$56.00

Key Highlights

  • Fusion Cuisine: LiHO Shokudo’s menu blends traditional Japanese dishes with modern influences, offering a unique dining experience.
  • Variety: The menu includes a wide range of options, from sushi rolls and bento boxes to ramen, udon, and signature teas.
  • Fresh Ingredients: All dishes are prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients to ensure the best taste and quality.
  • Vegetarian Options: Several vegetarian-friendly dishes are available, making it inclusive for all dietary preferences.

LiHO Shokudo Location & Opening Hours

Location: 11 Burwood Highway, Burwood VIC 3125

Opening Hours:

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:30 A- 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:30 AM-10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:30 AM-10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM

Phone: (03) 8529 5749

Please note: A 10% surcharge applies on Sundays, and the restaurant is closed on public holidays.

Frequently Asked Question’s: FAQ’s

LiHO Shokudo offers a fusion of traditional Japanese cuisine and modern flavors, including sushi, bento boxes, ramen, udon, and a variety of teas.

Yes, LiHO Shokudo offers several vegetarian options, such as the Vegetarian Bento and various sides like edamame and vegetable gyoza.

Some of the most popular items include the Dragon Roll, Teriyaki Chicken Bento, Tonkotsu Ramen, and Classic Milk Tea.

es, LiHO Shokudo offers specialty drinks like Sakura Lemonade and Yuzu Sparkling, which may vary seasonally.

Yes, You can customize your order while the menu offers a wide range of options, you can always ask the staff for customization based.


LiHo Shokudo offers a diverse and enticing culinary journey through Japanese cuisine in Australia. From their signature Karaage and Salmon Aburi to comforting bowls of Kakuni Udon and flavorful Wagyu Yakiniku, each dish is crafted to deliver a delightful dining experience. The menu’s breadth extends beyond savory delights to include a variety of refreshing beverages from aromatic Japanese teas and artisanal mocktails to an impressive selection of wines, beers, and ciders.

Whether you’re craving a hearty meal, a light snack, or a refreshing drink, LiHo Shokudo invites you to savor the flavors of Japan in every bite and sip, promising a memorable culinary adventure for all.

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