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Mang Inasal is a renowned fast food restaurant chain in the Philippines, famous for its mouthwatering grilled chicken menu and other traditional Filipino dishes. Mang Inasal has become a favorite dining spot for many Filipinos with its budget-friendly prices and hearty servings. Here’s an in depth look at their complete menu and prices, perfect for planning your next satisfying meal.

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Mang Inasal Menu Philippine

Mang Inasal Menu categories as:

  • Fiesta Group Meals
  • Chicken Inasal Menu
  • Halo-Halo
  • Palabok
  • Grilled Pork
  • Lumpiang Togue
  • Sisig
  • Empanada
  • Inumin Atbp
  • Must Try

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Takeout & Delivery Exclusive: NEW! Chicken Inasal Trio

Chicken Inasal Trio

Fiesta Group Meals

Make your family’s mealtime extra special with Mang Inasal’s Fiesta Family Meals. Their meals are made to bring everyone closer and make memorable time together. No matter if it is a big family celebration or just a little get-together.

You can celebrate your gathering with tasty grilled chicken and delicious pork BBQ; there’s a treat for everyone to fulfill their craving. Gather your loved ones, relax, and enjoy the yummy flavors of Mang Inasal’s Fiesta Family Meals today.

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Inasal & Pork BBQ Buddy Fiesta₱447
All Chicken Inasal Buddy Fiesta₱480
Pork BBQ & Grilled Liempo Buddy Fiesta₱469
Chicken Inasal & Grilled Liempo Buddy Fiesta₱492
Paa Large Family Size + Palabok Family Size₱839
Pecho Large Family Size + Palabok Family Size₱906

Chicken Inasal Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Paa Large – PM1₱144
Pecho Large – PM2₱172
Paa Large – PM 1 + Extra Creamy Halo-Halo 8oz₱188
Paa & Pecho Family Size₱590
Paa Large Family Size₱549
Pecho Large Family Size₱638
Chicken Inasal Trio₱399
Chicken Inasal Paa & Pork BBQ Buddy Size₱368
6 pcs Chicken Inasal Regular Family Size₱538
8 pcs Chicken Inasal Regular Family Size₱727
Paa & Pecho Buddy Size₱306
Paa Large Buddy Size₱276
Pecho Large Buddy Size₱332
Chicken Inasal Regular₱111
Fiesta Meal Paa Large₱190
Fiesta Meal Pecho Large₱218
Chicken Inasal Solo Fiesta₱245
Chicken Inasal & 1 pc Pork BBQ Solo Fiesta₱280

Inasal Halo-Halo Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Extra Creamy Halo-Halo₱78+
Crema de Leche Halo-Halo₱78+

Palabok Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Palabok Family SizeGood for 4-5 people₱342
Palabok Regular Size (solo)Good for 1 person₱88+
Palabok Regular Size (with drink)Palabok Regular Size with drink₱116+

Grilled Pork

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Grilled Liempo Family SizeGood for 4-5 people₱634
Grilled Liempo Buddy Size2 pcs Grilled Liempo₱323
Sizzling LiempoSizzling Liempo with mushroom gravy and 1 java rice₱196+
Grilled LiempoGrilled Liempo with 1 rice₱178+

Mang Lumpiang Togue

2 pcs Lumpiang Togue

2 pcs Lumpiang Togue with spiced vinegar

6 pcs Lumpiang Togue

2 pcs Lumpiang Togue with spiced vinegar

mang inasal Menu-Sisig

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Pork Sisig Family SizeGood for 3-4 people₱333
Bangus Sisig Family SizeGood for 3-4 people₱372
Pork SisigPork Sisig with 1 rice₱111+
Bangus SisigBangus Sisig with 1 rice₱144+

Empanada Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
6 pcs Empanada6 pcs Chicken Empanada, available in free special gift box until supplies last₱357
3 pcs Empanada3 pcs Chicken Empanada₱184
Empanada (solo)1 pc Chicken Empanada₱62+
Empanada (with drink)1 pc Chicken Empanada with drink₱90+

Inumin Atbp (Drinks and Others) Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Iced Red Gulaman₱44+
Iced Tea₱44+
Coke Zero₱44+
Summit Mineral Water₱20
Coke Regular 1.5L₱111

Mang Inasal Sides menu

Menu ItemPrice
Plain Rice₱28
Chicken Oil₱7
Peanut Sauce₱8
Mushroom Gravy₱11

Must Try Dishes

If you’re not sure what to order, these are the recommended menu items from food lovers and many experts. Perfect for first timers or anyone looking to enjoy the best of what Mang Inasal has to offer.

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Inasal Trio₱399
Chicken Inasal Paa & Pork BBQ Buddy Size₱368
Chicken Inasal Solo Fiesta₱245+
Chicken Inasal & 1 pc Pork BBQ Solo Fiesta₱280+
2 pcs Pork BBQ Solo Fiesta₱212+
2 pcs Lumpiang Togue₱62
Paa Large – PM1₱144+
2 pcs Pork BBQ₱111+
Extra Creamy Halo-Halo₱78+
Paa Large – PM 1 + Extra Creamy Halo-Halo 8oz₱188+

Behind Mang Inasal

To add value to your dining experience, it’s worth knowing the key figures who drive the success of Mang Inasal. Here are some of the directors and officers responsible for making Mang Inasal a beloved name in the Philippines:

  • Tony Tan Caktiong: Director
  • William Tan Untiong: Director
  • Ernesto Tanmantiong: Director
  • Joseph C. Tanbuntiong: Director

These leaders play a crucial role in maintaining the quality and innovation that Mang Inasal is known for, ensuring every meal is a delightful experience with chowking menu.

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

The most popular dish is the Chicken Inasal Paa Large, which is well-loved for its juicy, flavorful marinated chicken leg quarter grilled to perfection.

Yes, many of the meals at Mang Inasal come with unlimited rice, making it a favorite choice for those with a big appetite.

Yes, Mang Inasal offers a variety of family sized meals perfect for sharing, such as the Paa Large Family Size and Pecho Large Family Size.

While Mang Inasal primarily offers meat dishes, vegetarians can enjoy sides like Lumpiang Togue and Palabok.

Yes, Mang Inasal offers online ordering through various delivery platforms, making it convenient to enjoy their meals from the comfort of your home.


Mang Inasal is a cherished Filipino fast-food just like jollibee menu chain, known for its wide range of delicious and affordable meals. Whether you’re craving their signature Chicken Inasal or Filipino favorites like Palabok and Halo-Halo, Mang Inasal has something for every palate. With generous servings, family-friendly options, and unlimited rice, it’s no wonder Mang Inasal remains a top choice for diners across the Philippines. Visit your nearest Mang Inasal today and enjoy a wonderful Filipino culinary experience.

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