Waffle House Steak & Eggs price & calories

Begin your day with the hearty Steak & Eggs dish at Waffle House, priced at $11.85 and offering a satisfying 690 calories. It consists of a substantial 5-ounce USDA Choice Sirloin Steak that is expertly cooked to your desired level of doneness. This high quality cut ensures a flavorful and tender steak experience, tailored to your preferences.

The dish is paired with perfectly cooked eggs, served with toast and jelly, offering a delightful blend of savory and sweet flavors. Furthermore, you have the option to select a side dish to complement your steak and eggs. Whether you prefer the comforting warmth of Southern-style grits, the crispy goodness of hashbrowns, or the refreshing simplicity of sliced tomatoes, there’s a side to suit every palate.

Waffle House Steak & Eggs Nutrition’s

Calories 690WeightPercentage
Total Fat46.8 g71%
Saturated Fat16.4 g80%
Trans Fat1.1 g0.14%
Cholesterol882.5 mg282%
Sodium639 mg27%
Total Carbohydrate4.4 g1%
Dietary Fiber1.1 g4%
Sugars3.3 g0.48%
Protein62.7 g9.57%

Steak & Egg Calories Graph

Steak eggs Calories Graph

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Estimated Calorie Burn Time

To burn off 690 calories from a Waffle House Steak & Eggs meal, individual factors such as weight, age and fitness level play a crucial role. But as a guideline, engaging in approximately 75 minutes of moderate intensity exercise, such as brisk walking or jogging would be necessary. Keep in mind that these are rough estimates and the actual time may vary based on personal factors.

Here are estimated durations for different activities:

  • Brisk walking: 75 minutes
  • Jogging: 55 minutes
  • Biking: 55 minutes
  • Swimming: 60 minutes
  • Dancing: 60 minutes
  • Strength training: 75 minutes

Fitness Tips for all ages

  1. Stay Active Daily: Incorporate physical activity into your routine, whether it’s walking, jogging or engaging in sports. Aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week.
  2. Outdoor Activities for Children and Teens: Encourage outdoor play, sports or biking to keep them active. Enroll them in age appropriate fitness classes or sports teams.
  3. Physical Activities for Adults: Integrate movement into daily life, such as walking or biking to work. Explore fitness classes like yoga or pilates for flexibility and core strength.
  4. Low-Impact Activities for Seniors: Focus on activities like walking, swimming or tai chi for joint friendly exercises. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting a new exercise routine.
  5. Hydration is Key: Drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise to stay hydrated and support overall health.
  6. Listen to Your Body: Modify exercises as needed, progress gradually and pay attention to your body’s signals to prevent injury.
  7. Consistency Matters: Aim for regular exercise to maintain overall health. Consistency is key to experiencing long term benefits.
  8. Enjoy the Process: Choose activities you enjoy to make fitness a sustainable and enjoyable part of your lifestyle. Whether it’s dancing, cycling or hiking find what brings you joy.

Remember, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional, especially for older adults or those with pre-existing health conditions, before starting a new exercise program.

Steak & Eggs Calories Breakdown

The caloric breakdown for the Steak & Eggs meal at Waffle House is as follows:

  • Fat: 62.2%
  • Protein: 35.4%
  • Carbohydrates: 2.4%

This indicates the proportion of calories coming from each macronutrient in the meal. The majority of calories are derived from fat, followed by protein, with a smaller contribution from carbohydrates.

Steak & eggs Calories Breakdown

Steak & eggs Review at waffle House

Frequently Asked Question’s

Waffle House Steak and Eggs contain approximately 690 calories, 25g fat, 50g protein, and 1g total/net carbs per serving.

Waffle House utilizes USDA beef chuck for their Cheesesteak, renowned for its rich flavor. Their T-bone and sirloin steaks boast the Choice grade, reflecting top-quality beef. Waffle House is committed to delivering value-priced, high-quality beef.

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