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Welcome to “Youfoodz Menu” where freshness and variety come together to redefine healthy eating. They offer a wide range of fresh and healthy options to choose from. They provide a diverse weekly menu, offering 60 meals each week. With each meal, they offer a variety of salads to choose from, ensuring that customers have options to complement their main dish with a refreshing and nutritious side.

Youfoodz introduces new meals each week while also offering a selection of older favorites. Here is a brief discussion about the Youfoodz menu, including prices.

Youfoodz Menu Australia

Youfoodz makes eating healthy simple by delivering meals that are ready to eat and nutritious. Their meals are planned by their own dietitian, making it perfect for busy individuals who want to stay healthy without any hassle. You can choose from Youfoodz Menu that offers various deals and bundles to enjoy healthy meals that make it easy for everyone to stay well.

Youfoodz Menu Last Week (Feb 10-16)

Roast Beef & Chips with Mushroom Sauce
Roast Beef & Chips Nutrition

Ingredients In This Meal

  • Beef
  • White Paprika Chips
  • Creamy Mushroom Sauce
  • Peas
Creamy Garlic Chicken KYIV with Chips & Broccoli
Creamy Garlic Chicken nutrition

Ingredients In This Meal

  • Seasoned Fried Chicken
  • Sweet Potato Chips
  • Broccoli
  • Garlic Kyiv Sauce
Creamy chicken carbonara with Sliced Ham & Mushrooms
Youfoodz Creamy chicken carbonara


  • Chicken Breast
  • Fettuccine
  • Parmesan Cheese Sauce
  • Roasted Mushroom
  • Ham
Nonna’s Spaghetti Bolognese with Italian Herbs & Garlic
Nonna's spaghetti bolognese


  • Bolognese Mince
  • Spaghetti


Youfoodz This Week MenuEnergy
Fried Chicken & Gravy with creamy mash & peas1600kJ
Classic roast chicken with mash & veg1360kJ
Chicken & Cashew with Broccoli & Rice1950kJ
Mediterranean Chicken with Creamy Potatoes & Beans1610kJ
Satay chicken with steamed veg1240kJ
Thai green fish with brown rice & veg1880kJ
Tomato beef with Parmesan rice1680kJ
Chicken Katsu Curry with Loaded Spiced Rice2580kJ
Chicken penne with sundried tomato sauce2050kJ
Portuguese Chicken with Spiced Rice2210kJ
Chilli peanut pork with broccoli & rice2250kJ
Shredded beef ravioli with tomato ragu2110kJ
Mohit’s Butter Chicken with Naan & Brown Rice2350kJ
Beef Korma with Spiced Rice & Sweet Potato1850kJ
Smokey BBQ Chicken with Potato Salad2140kJ
Peri Peri Chicken with Spicy Mayo & Potatoes2000kJ
Char Siu Pork with Fried Rice2000kJ
Beef Lasagne with Bolognese & Creamy Bechamel2200kJ
Mushroom & Cheese Tortellini with Creamy Sauce2060kJ
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni with Creamy Tomato Sauce1950kJ
Loaded Lentil Lasagne with Creamy Bechamel Sauce1120kJ
BBQ Beef with Creamy Mash & Carrots1240kJ
Slow-cooked Lamb with Loaded Mash1390kJ

UpSized This Week Menu (Feb 10-16)

Upsized MenuEnergy
FUEL’D Chicken Carbonara2140kJ
FUEL’D Chicken Katsu Curry2560kJ
FUEL’D Butter Chicken3410kJ
FUEL’D Peri Peri Chicken & Spicy Mayo2760kJ
FUEL’D BBQ Beef & Mash1790kJ
FUEL’D Spaghetti Bolognese2280kJ
FUEL’D Portuguese Chicken & Rice3070kJ
FUEL’D Fried Chicken & Gravy2160kJ
FUEL’D Chicken Kyiv & Chips2190kJ
FUEL’D Shredded Beef Ravioli2700kJ
FUEL’D Char Siu Pork with Fried Rice2600kJ
FUEL’D Classic Roast Chicken & Mash1710kJ
FUEL’D Smokey BBQ Chicken2810kJ
FUEL’D Chipotle Fried Chicken2860kJ
FUEL’D Steak, Chips & Gravy2110kJ

Youfoodz Menu This Week (Feb 17-23)

Meal NameDescription
Mexican Chickenwith Loaded Beans & Sour Cream
Nonna’s Spaghetti Bolognesewith Italian Herbs & Garlic
Creamy Garlic Chicken Kyivwith Chips & Broccoli
Mohit’s Butter Chickenwith Naan & Brown Rice
Beef Lasagnewith Bolognese & Creamy Bechamel
Peri Peri Chickenwith Spicy Mayo & Potatoes
Chicken Pennewith Sundried Tomato Sauce
Chicken Katsu Currywith Loaded Spiced Rice
Chargrilled Chickenwith Chipotle Mayo
Mushroom & Cheese Tortelliniwith Creamy Sauce
Portuguese Chickenwith Spiced Rice
Lentil Lasagnewith Creamy Pumpkin Sauce
Chicken & Vegwith Thai Green Curry Sauce
Beef Chilli Con Carnewith Spiced Mexi Rice
Thai Green Chicken Currywith Brown Rice & Veg
Fried Chicken & Gravywith Creamy Mash & Peas
Steak & Chipswith Mushroom Sauce, Over 30g Protein
Roast Beef & Pepper Gravywith Garlic Veg
Roast Chicken & Gravywith Loaded Mash & Veg
Chicken Spaghettiwith Creamy Sundried Tomato Sauce
Slow-cooked BBQ Beefwith Creamy Mash & Carrots
Slow-cooked Lambwith Loaded Mash
FUEL’D BBQ Beef & MashLarger Meal, Over 30g Protein
FUEL’D Chicken Kyiv & ChipsLarger Meal, Over 30g Protein
FUEL’D Spaghetti BologneseLarger Meal, Over 30g Protein, Under 15g Fat
FUEL’D Butter ChickenLarger Meal, Over 30g Protein
FUEL’D Peri Peri Chicken & Spicy MayoLarger Meal, Over 30g Protein
FUEL’D Chargrilled ChickenLarger Meal, Over 30g Protein
FUEL’D Chicken Katsu CurryLarger Meal, Over 30g Protein
FUEL’D Chicken CarbonaraLarger Meal, Over 30g Protein, Under 15g Fat
FUEL’D Portuguese Chicken & RiceLarger Meal, Over 30g Protein
FUEL’D Steak, Chips & GravyLarger Meal, Over 30g Protein
FUEL’D Mexican Beef LasagneLarger Meal
FUEL’D Thai Green Chicken CurryLarger Meal, Over 30g Protein
FUEL’D Chilli Con Carne & Mexi RiceLarger Meal, Under 15g Fat, Under 400kcal
FUEL’D Fried Chicken & GravyLarger Meal, Over 30g Protein
FUEL’D Chicken SpaghettiLarger Meal, Over 30g Protein

Youfoodz Menu Next Week (Feb 24-Mar01)

Meal NameDescriptionNutrition Information
Creamy Parmesan Chickenwith Peas & CauliflowerEnergy1150kJ, Under 400kcal, Under 15g Fat, Under 30g Carbs
Mexican Chickenwith Loaded Beans & Sour CreamUnder 400kcal, Under 15g Fat, Under 30g Carbs
Beef Lasagnewith Bolognese & Creamy BechamelUnder 30g Carbs, Over 30g Protein
Creamy Garlic Chicken Kyivwith Chips & BroccoliUnder 400kcal, Under 15g Fat
Nonna’s Spaghetti Bolognesewith Italian Herbs & GarlicEnergy 1660kJ, 400kcal, Under 15g Fat
Satay Chickenwith Steamed VegEnergy 1240kJ, Under 400kcal, Under 15g Fat, Under 30g Carbs
Creamy Chicken Carbonarawith Sliced Ham & MushroomsEnergy 1550kJ, Under 400kcal, Under 15g Fat
Mohit’s Butter Chickenwith Naan & Brown RiceEnergy 2260kJ
Shredded Beef Ravioliwith Tomato RaguEnergy: 2110kJ
BBQ BEEFwith Creamy Mash & CarrotsEnergy 1240kJ, Under 400kcal, Under 15g Fat
Chargrilled Chickenwith Chipotle MayoOver 30g Protein
Chicken Katsu Currywith Loaded Spiced RiceUnder 15g Fat
Portuguese Chickenwith Spiced RiceOver 30g Protein
Mushroom & Cheese Tortelliniwith Creamy SauceEnergy 2060kJ, Veggie
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloniwith Creamy Tomato SauceEnergy1950kJ, Veggie
Smokey BBQ Chickenwith Potato SaladEnergy 2140kJ
Fried Chicken & Gravywith Creamy Mash & PeasUnder 15g Fat, Over 30g Protein
Beef Massaman Currywith Brown Rice & PotatoesEnergy 2260kJ
Beef Kormawith Spiced Rice & Sweet PotatoEnergy 1850kJ, Under 15g Fat
Loaded Lentil Lasagnewith Creamy Bechamel SauceUnder 15g Fat, Under 400kcal
Classic Roast Chickenwith Mash & VegUnder 15g Fat, Under 30g Carbs, Under 400kcal
Steak & Chipswith Mushroom SauceOver 30g Protein
Roast Beef & Pepper Gravywith Garlic VegUnder 400kcal, Under 15g Fat, Under 30g Carbs

The upsized menu for the upcoming week remains consistent with the offerings of both the current and last week, as outlined above.

Youfoodz Menu: Add-Ons

When perusing the Youfoodz menu, remember that your options extend beyond just the meals. Feel free to enhance your dining experience by adding extra delicious treats in your order.

  • Give-Me Greens Smoothiet 4 bottles
  • Berry Bliss Smoothie 4 bottles
  • Paradise Punch 4 Pack
  • Ruby Refresh 4 Pack
  • Iced Mocha Latte 4 Pack
  • Iced Caramel Latte 4 Pack
  • Mixed Coffee Pack
  • Collagen Boosta 5 Pack
  • Super Boosta 5 Pack
  • Blueberry Apple Recovery 4 Pack
  • The Bestsellers Drink Bundle
  • Mixed Smoothie Bundle
  • FUEL’D Vanilla Choc Chip Cookie
  • FUEL’D Chewy Caramel High Protein Bite
  • FUEL’D Choc Crunch High Protein Bar
  • Pink Collagen Glow (350mL)
  • Mighty Immunity (350mL)
  • Iced Mocha Latte
  • Pink Oasis (1L)
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Protein Ball
  • Peanut Butter Energy Bite
  • Smokey BBQ Chips
  • Choc-Peanut Protein Bites
  • Choc-Coconut Protein Bites
  • Pavlova Ball
  • Caramel Apple Yoghurt Bite
  • White Choc, Cranberry & Macadamia Protein Cookie
  • Berry Superfood Smoothie 4 Pack
  • Awaken 4 Pack
  • Multivitamin Squeeze 4 Pack
  • Multivitamin Boosta 5 Pack
  • Guava Pineapple Energy 4 Pack
  • Green Boosta 5 Pack
  • Golden Sunrise 4 Pack
  • The Real OJ 4 Pack
  • Strawberry-Dragonfruit Smoothie 4 Pack
  • Blue Tropics 4 Pack
  • FUEL’D Peanut Butter High Protein Bite
  • FUEL’D Choc Peanut High Protein Bar
  • FUEL’D Vanilla Berry Crunch High Protein Cookie
  • Thanks A Melon (350ml)
  • Awaken (350ml)
  • Iced Caramel Latte
  • Go-Go Greens (1L)
  • Tropical Tango (1L)
  • Choc-Berry Energy Bite
  • Cinnamon Bun Blondie Bite
  • Tangy Salsa Chip
  • Cookies & Cream Protein Bites
  • Salted Caramel Protein Ball
  • Peach & Apricot Yoghurt Bite
  • Red Velvet Brownie Bite
  • Banana Bread
  • Jam Donut Protein Ball

Youfoodz Vegetarian Menu

Youfoodz Vegetarian Lunch Menu
Mexi Beans and Quinoa Rice
Feta and Spinach Pie
Vegetable Korma Pie
Youfoodz Vegetarian Dinner Menu
Vegetable Korma and Naan
Lentil and Chickpea Ragu
Cheese Tortellini in a Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Youfoodz Meal Plans & Prices

Explore the diverse Youfoodz Meal Plans and Prices tailored to your preferences. Choose from options based on calorie count, everyday healthy choices, vegetarian dishes, or the flexible flexitarian plan to suit your unique tastes and dietary needs.

Meal Per ServingBox Total Price
7 $86.92
14 $142.85
16 $153.83

Please Note That

The complete cost of the box includes a shipping fee of $9.99.

Youfoodz Outlets & Delivery Areas In Australia

These are the delivery areas where Youfoodz delivers its food throughout Australia.

  • [A] Adelaide, Albury, Armidale
  • [B] Ballarat, Bendigo, Brisbane, Bunbury, Bundaberg
  • [C] Cairns, Canberra, Central Coast, Central West NSW, Coffs Harbour
  • [D] Darwin, Devonport
  • [G] Gippsland, Gladstone, Gold Coast
  • [H] Hervey Bay, Hobart
  • [L] Launceston
  • [M] Mackay, Melbourne, Mildura
  • [N] Newcastle, North Coast NSW, Northern Rivers
  • [P] Perth
  • [R] Rockhampton
  • [S] Shepparton, South Coast NSW, Southern Highlands, Sunshine Coast, Sydney
  • [T] Toowoomba, Townsville, Tweed Heads
  • [W] Wollongong

YouFoodz Delivery Hours

The Youfoodz delivery schedule varies from state to state in accordance with the opening hours of each store in Australia. Here’s a comprehensive guide outlining the delivery details for each state.


Delivery DayCut of Day & Time
MondayThursday, 11:59PM
TuesdayThursday, 11:59PM
WednesdayThursday, 11:59PM
ThursdayFriday, 11.59PM
FridayFriday, 11.59PM
SaturdayThursday, 11:59PM
SundayThursday, 11:59PM

Where to buy Youfoodz?

You have the option to make purchases from either the official Youfoodz website or Coles Supermarket. Simply visit the Youfoodz Official website or head to your local Coles Supermarket to explore and purchase their products.

Youfoodz Contact Info




(07) 3633 0708

Youfoodz Balancing Nutrition and Flavor

Youfoodz offers a variety of meals such as Salmon & Dill, Mohit’s Butter Chicken, and Nonna’s Spaghetti. Many of these meals are low in calories and high in protein, which is beneficial for your health.

However, it’s important to note that they also contain preservatives. While occasional consumption of preservatives is acceptable, having them regularly is not advisable. Youfoodz provides meals for different dietary needs, including healthy, vegetarian, and calorie-specific options.

They incorporate fresh ingredients and provide nutritional information, enabling you to make healthy choices. Remember to review the nutrition information to ensure the meals align with your health goals.

Youfoodz Menu: FAQs

The person who owns Youfoodz Australia is Lance Giles, and he is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Youfoodz.

The team of chefs at Youfoodz works tirelessly, preparing the beloved ready-made meals. These meals undergo a preservation process involving both vacuum sealing and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to ensure their freshness is maintained for an extended duration.

Youfoodz has introduced a new range of meals known as FUEL’D, which are larger in size compared to the regular ones. These substantial meals weigh at least 400 grams, offering more protein content than the typical regular sized options.

While some of their meat suppliers are Halal certified, unfortunately, not all of them are. As all meals are prepared in a single kitchen, there is currently no way to separate the Halal and non Halal meat, preventing them from labeling the meals as Halal.

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