Latest Chicken Treat Menu, Prices & Outlets Australia 2024

Chicken Treat is a fast food restaurant chain that offers services in two Australian states Queensland and Western Australia (WA). Most of the retail branches are in Western Australia As of March 2023, Chicken Treat has over 60 outlets within Western Australia, and two in New South Wales. If you are a food lover and looking for the Chicken Treat menu and prices, we understand your passion for culinary delights. Explore the world of Chicken Treat on our site, where you can find the latest menu options and prices.

Chicken Treat Menu Prices

It is mainly a chicken lover’s menu. The menu includes burgers, Crunchified chicken, warps, and snacks. Here are all the details you need to know:

Chicken Treat Menu Specials

New Special MenuYou will getPrice
Tempta Hero BoxIncludes Tempta Burger, one piece of Crunchified Chicken, one piece of Boneless Chicken, small Chips & 375mL Pepsi A$19.59
Crunchified Hero BoxIncludes 3 pieces of Crunchified Chicken, 3 Nuggets, Small Chips, Small Mash & Gravy & 375mL Pepsi A$18.59
Boneless Hero BoxIncludes 4 Tempta Boneless Pieces, 3 Piece Nugget, Small Chips, Small Mash & Gravy, NO Sauce, 375mL Pepsi  A$18.59
Donut Chips Regularcrunchy, crispy and sweet treat with no sauceA$6.29
Donut Chips Large crunchy, crispy covered with cinammom sugarA$14.49
Cola BBQ Loaded Chipstwisty-inspired Cheezy sauce and topped with crunchy bacon bitsA$9.79

Burgers & Wraps Chicken Treat Menu Price

Burgers & Wraps ManuYou will getEnergyPrice
Tempta BurgerThere is nothing like a juicy Tempta Burger, featuring a succulent full breast fillet with a crispy coating, accompanied by crunchy lettuce, cheese and creamy mayo2169kJA$11.79
Tempta Deluxe BurgerA soft sesame bun filled with breast Tempta, lettuce, cheese crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and topped off with Cola BBQ and creamy mayo sauce2500kJA$13.79
Baconary Burger
soft sesame seed bun is a full breast chicken fillet, tasty short cut bacon, cheese and topped off with our special Baconary sauce2738kJA$12.09
Baconary Deluxe BurgerBaconary Burger is full of breast chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, short cut bacon and topped off with special sauce2776kJA$13.39 
Sriracha Deluxe BurgerSriracha Deluxe Burger is full with breast Tempta fillet, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, sweet Chipotle pickles2199kJA$11.79
ChiCow Burgertwo chicken patties with three slices of cheese, topped with red onion, creamy Mayo and Cola BBQ sauce4126kJ A$12.69
Beef Deluxe Burger2 buns is a beef patty and stacked high with all your favorite toppings like mayo, tomato sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion2629kJA$11.59
Sriracha WrapIt is Full breast Tempta fillet, lettuce, tomato, onion, shredded cheese, sweet Chipotle2579kJA$10.89
Classic WrapIt consists slow-cooked pulled Rotisserie Chicken with full breast Tempta fillet, plus lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese2487kJA$10.89
Baconary Wrapslow-cooked Rotisserie breast fill with Tempta fillet, plus lettuce, tasty short cut bacon, shredded chees3089kJA$12.29

Fried & Boneless Chicken Menu and Price

Crunchified Chicken MenuYou will GetEnergyPrice
Crunchified 1 PieceCrunchified Chicken hand breaded in house, coated with distinctive southern style blend and fried till perfect golden886 kJA$4.69
Crunchified 9 Pieces9 pieces of Crunchified Chicken each hand-breaded in-house with signature southern-style coating and fried to a golden perfection7967kJA$27.99
3 Piece Treat3 pieces of succulent Crunchified Chicken that are fresh and marinat properly6533kJA$14.89
Tempta Boneless Pack4 Tempta Boneless pieces crafted from chicken breast6019kJA$12.69
Tempta Boneless ChickenTempta Boneless pieces crafted from chicken breast and topped with irresistible Tempta coating2378kJA$10.19

Chicken Treat Roast Dinner Menu

Rotisserie Chicken MenuYou will GetEnergyPrice
Chicken Rollseed roll filled with perfectly cooked Rotisserie Chicken, accompanied by a distinctive blend of creamy mayo stuffing2579kJA$9.99
Quarter Chicken & ChipsIt includes hand-seasoned Rotisserie Chicken paired with a serving of Western Australia’s favorite chips3018kJA$11.99
Half Chicken & ChipsHalf of a succulent, hand seasoned Rotisserie Chicken with a serve of Chips4297kJA$15.29
Chicken DinnerSavor a quarter of juicy, hand-seasoned Rotisserie Chicken accompanied by velvety mashed potatoes, peas, and a luscious rich gravy3056kJA$13.39
Hawaiian QuarterChips, Pineapple Fritter, Deep Fried Bananas 4055kJA$14.29
Whole Rotisserie ChickenHand-seasoned whole Rotisserie Chicken, crafted with a heritage blend of herbs and spices, slow-cooked to perfection869 kJA$18.49

Wraps Chicken Treat Breakfast Menu

Wraps MenuYou GetEnergyPrice
Classic WrapBreakfast special2487 kJA$10.89
Baconary WrapBreakfast special3089 kJA$12.29
Sriracha WrapBreakfast special2579 kJA$10.89

You can also choose Macdonald wrap menu

Chicken Treat Kids Packs

Kids PacksYou Will GetEnergyPrice
Kids Cheeseburger Packit includes Cheeseburger, small serving of WA’s favorite chips, 600ml water, crayons and colorable bag3306kJA$8.89
Kids Chicken Pack1/8 Chicken, Small Chips, Pop Tops Apple 250mL, Crayons 4Pk and a colorful bag2299kJA$8.89
Kids Nuggets Pack4 Chicken Nuggets, your choice of dipping sauce, Small Chips, Pop Tops Apple 250mL, Crayons 4Pk, 600ml Water and a colorful bag2746kJA$8.89

Chicken Treat Snacks & Sides Menu

Snacks and Sides MenuEnergyPrice
Chips1710 kJA$5.49
Sweet Potato Chips1547 kJA$5.79
Cheezy Bacon Loaded Chips5154 kJA$10.59
Chicken & Gravy Loaded Chips4644 kJA$10.59
Twists924 kJA$4.99
Cheezy Jalapeno Bites2838 kJA$5.69
Pineapple Fritter631 kJA$3.59
Onion Rings1350 kJA$4.99
Cheeseburger1588 kJA$6.29
Chicken Bacon Cheeseburger1689 kJA$6.79
Gravy698 kJA$4.89
Mash & Gravy1187 kJA$4.99
Slayin’ Slaw2918 kJA$7.99
Peas940 kJA$4.49
Garlic Bread2776 kJA$5.99
Sauce 460 kJA$0.99
Deep Fried Bananas1070 kJA$4.99
10 Nuggets 1998 kJA$8.80 
Mac & Cheese Balls 1070 kJA$5.29

Chicken Treat Menu Drinks

Drinks optionPrice
Soft Drink-375mLA$4.49
Soft Drink-600mLA$5.99
Soft Drink-1.25LA$6.49
Cool Spring Water-600MLA$4.49
Pop Tops Apple-250mL A$3.69
Apple Juice A$4.49
Lemon Tea A$6.39
Gatorade Orange A$5.89
Red Bull-250mlA$4.99

Desserts Menu Chicken Treat

Desserts MenuCaloriesPrice
Chocolate Mousse710A$5.29
Vanilla Cheesecake339A$5.29
Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough240A$14.69
Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie264A$14.69
Streets Viennetta482A$7.69

Chicken Treat Family Meals Menu

Family MealsYou will getPrice
Chicken FavouriteEnjoy 2 large serves of WA’s chips, paired with garlic bread, and served with a large, flavorful gravy to devourA$32.99
Big Family TreatA serving of mashed potatoes and gravy, 10 Nuggets, Large Slayin’ Slaw, Large Chips, Garlic BreadA$43.99
Family RoastLarge Peas, Large Gravy, Large Chips, Whole Rotisserie Chicken, 1.25L Sunkist A$37.48
Feast-9 Piece9 Piece Crunchified ,Large Chips, Large Slayin’ Slaw, Large Mash & GravyA$38.99
Crunchified Chicken9 Pieces of Crunchified with Cola BBQ Glaze A$27.99
Variety Feast5 Nuggets, Small Twists, Large Chips and 6 Piece Crunchified Chicken A$31.99
Crunchified Mates PackMonster Chips, Large Gravy, Garlic Bread and 9 Piece Crunchified A$38.99
Whole Rotisserie Chickenslowly cooked Hand-seasoned Whole Rotisserie ChickenA$18.49

Chicken Treat Menu Lunch Special

Chicken treat offers unbeatable lunch deal at just $5. You can experience with special mayo stuffed sesame bread bun, generously filled with tender, hand-seasoned Rotisserie Chicken.

chicken treat lunch Special

Don’t miss out on this irresistible offer that satisfies both your taste buds and your budget. Visit Chicken treat menu for a delightful lunch at an unbeatable price.

Chicken Treat Menu WA

The Chicken Treat menu in Western Australia offers you a selection that includes Fried Chicken & Boneless options, Rotisserie Chicken, Snacks & Sides, Desserts, wraps, burger meals, and a variety of beverages. Additionally, catering services are available, suitable for groups, families, and businesses.

Chicken Treat Menu Belmont

At Chicken Treat Belmont, you can enjoy a delightful array of choices, including crispy fried chicken, savory burgers, flavorful rotisserie options, wraps and rolls, specially crafted kids’ meals, and a tempting selection of ice creams. These all within a comfortable dine-in atmosphere.

Address: 48 Belvidere St, Belmont WA 6104

Phone: (08) 6157 5344

Chicken Treat Yangebup menu

As with other Chicken Treat chains, the food menu at Chicken Treat Yangebup is the same, including Crunchified Chicken, rotisserie options, wraps and rolls, burgers, kids meals, family meals, desserts, and more.

Address: 322B Yangebup Rd, Yangebup WA 6164

Phone: (08) 6157 5323

Chicken Treat Inglewood Menu

Chicken Treat Inglewood, Boulder, Newman, South Hedland, Port Hedland and many other chains offers the menu like Rotisserie, Crunchified Chicken, Burgers, Snacks, Sides,  rolls, Kids Meals, family packs, drinks and Desserts.

Address: Salisbury St &, Beaufort St, Inglewood WA 6052

Phone: (08) 9371 3636

Is Chicken Treat only in Western Australia?

Chicken Treat, originally rooted in Western Australia, has expanded over time. It now operates more than 60 franchises, not only within Western Australia but also extending its reach to include locations in New South Wales and Central Queensland. This strategic expansion showcases Chicken Treat’s commitment to bringing its unique offerings to a broader audience beyond its initial geographic focus.

When was Chicken Treat established in Australia?

Chicken Treat is an Australian fast-food chain that originated in Western Australia. It was established in 1976 by Frank Romano, with the first store opening in the suburb of Midland, making it a homegrown brand with roots in the Australian fast food industry.

How many Chicken Treat outlets exist in Australia?

There are 57 Chicken Treat outlets in Australia, with the majority located in Western Australia, totaling 55 outlets. This accounts for 96 percent of the restaurants in WA.

Who founded Chicken Treat?

In 1973, Frank Romano entered the barbecued chicken fast-food industry, paving the way for Chicken Treat’s inception. Starting as a store manager at Chicken Spot, he evolved into a key shareholder at West Coast Fast Foods Pty Ltd, playing a vital role in Chicken Treat’s growth. Romano’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to quality meals have left an enduring legacy in Australia’s fast-food landscape.

Who owns Chicken Treat?

Craveable Brands Ltd is a well-known fast-food company based in Australia. They are the owners of several popular fast-food brands, including Chicken Treat, Rooster, and Oporto. This implies that Craveable Brands oversees the operations, management, and branding of these distinct fast-food chains, contributing to their overall success in the Australian market.

What is chicken treat whole Rotisserie Chicken price?

Most of Items lie between A$8 – A$20 but the Whole Rotisserie Chicken price is A$18.49. The serve size is 160g and it contains following nutrients

  • Energy (kJ): 1420
  • Calories (cal): 340
  • Proteins (g): 32.2
  • Fat Total (g): 16.2
  • Fat Saturated: 1.8
  • Carbohydrates (g): 15.8
  • Sugar (g): 0.6
  • Sodium (mg): 1525

Chicken Treat Holidays

All Chicken Treat stores are Closed on Christmas Day.

Is there a chicken treat app?

No, there is no chicken Treat app, you can order through Chicken treat official website.

Chicken Treat Opening Hours

  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ’s

Chicken Treat uses Canola Oil sourced from Western Australia for cooking its Crunchified Chicken.

It possesses the Red Rooster, Oporto, and Chicken Treat brands, boasting a network of 580 restaurants across Australasia and Southeast Asia.

No, it’s not recommended to give chickens treats every day. Follow the 90/10 rule, offering 90% complete chicken feed and limiting treats to a maximum of 10% of their daily intake.

Chicken Treat Australian official website is

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